680 South Cache Street
Suite 100
PO Box 10400
Jackson, WY 83002
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680 South Cache Street
Suite 100
PO Box 10400
Jackson, WY 83002
[email protected]

Capital Pro Instruments

Please call or email for the buying and or selling of finical instruments through our affiliates.

The Project Capitalization Program is not a loan.
The proceeds are not paid back.

It is a program that is fueled by investors that have reached the critical Wealth Accumulation threshold and are required to donate a portion of their profits to project funding. The buy-in to the program generates a contracted payout that must be used for the approved project as per the summary and use of funds draw schedule, or monthly payouts will be cancelled, and the treasury will treat the payouts as income.


Also known as a Secured Asset Management Investment Program, this is an investment vehicle commonly used by the High Net worth (HNW) individuals or Corporations where the principal investment is fully secured by a bank where the investor has his/her own account. There is no risk of losing the investors principal investment. The Trader purchases MTN’s with face value of $100 million for $65 million. On-sells it the same day, as per Contract for $85 Million, a profit on the transaction before cost of $20 million.

Transaction Profit $20 Million

The whole transaction is conducted “BANK to BANK” and can be facilitated via the major Banks with a Treasury desk

Google search:
“Bank Debentured Trading Programs for Humanitarian Projects”

Bank Debenture Trading Programs | Humanitarian Project Funding


From time to time an investor, when first presented with an opportunity to participate in Bank Debenture Trading Programs, may be very skeptical about the existence and authenticity of such Investment Programs. This is quite understandable but it invariably means that the investor is unaware of the process involved and the important safeguards that are in place to protect his/her funds at all times against loss.

Please consider these points:

  • Many Bankers say these Investment Programs do not exist, they are fearful that investors would not buy their CD’s anymore, knowing that MTN’s are available exceeding CD yields many times (2.5% to 8.0% approx.), with comparable security.
  • Potential investors have not taken time to fully understand the issue, security and trading mechanisms and are suspicious.
  • Participants in Bank Debenture Trading Programs have signed very explicit non-disclosure agreements and therefore, cannot act as references.
  • These opportunities have been successfully offered in Western Europe for over 65 years (remember the Marshal Plan after WW2) and investors in other countries remain largely unaware of their existence.


  • The answer is that these programs have been available, though not widely known for years, however, because of the extremely high minimum requirements to enter them, only a few could qualify. The minimums have been 10 to 100 million dollars previously. Only recently have the smaller minimums been available so that more can qualify and yet have the opportunity to earn exceptionally high and safe profit yields. Also, The Investor must be “invited in” to participate in these very limited enrolment programs.
  • Individual programs can quickly become filled and are then closed to further Investor participation.


As stated, the Investment funds principal is fully secured by a BANK ENDORSED GUARANTEE (or, safekeeping receipt) which is issued by the Trading Bank at the time the funds are deposited. The Investor is designated as the Beneficiary of the Guarantee which is issued to secure the principal for the contract period and all elements of risk have been addressed. It must be stressed that, before an instrument is purchased, a contract is already in place for the resale of the Bank Debenture Instrument. Consequently, the Investors’ funds are never put at risk. The trust account will always contain either funds or Bank Instruments of equal or greater value. After each transaction period, the profits are distributed according to the agreement and the process repeats for the duration of the contract.

Getting Started

Capital Professional Advisors and client review strategic needs and time line projections
Client signs the NDA / Non-circumvent Fee Agreement
Submission package:

    • Corporate name and address
    • Phone number, email address
    • Tax ID number
    • Description of current business
    • Business Plan
    • Audited Financials
    • Proforma
    • Proof of funds (account or bank statement) to secure bond